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  • Screens for potential red flags that could compromise patients overall health and wellness
  • We promote a proactive and preventative approach to health and wellness
  • Rapid, affordable, reliable and confidential results

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Health & Wellness Blood Tests

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3.20.2018 - RK Clinical is expanding their testing menu​ Learn More
  • Qualitative urine drug screening
  • Quantitative confirmatory urine drug screening (LCMS/MS)
  • Specimen validity testing
  • Cotinine Screening
  • Ethylglucuronide Screening
  • Illicit Drug Screening

​​​​Medication Monitoring


​​​​RK Clinical Solutions has been wonderful in helping to support our office by providing fast and accurate results. They have really gone above and beyond what we normally expect from the labs that we use.   

- Bettina, Phoenix AZ

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